Updated version of my Word add-in (v1.89)

It’s been a few months since the release of v1.87, but after several incarnations of the beta (v1.88), I can now announce the availability of v1.89.

There have been *lots* of changes: either to existing features, or adding new features. I’ve also fixed some really embarrassing bug fixes and, as a visitor to this blog, you know that I don’t hide from my mistakes, so they are all listed towards the end of the manual. There are a smattering of D’oh! comments in there after I’d worked out how to fix somethings that I’d broken in the first place!

Download & installation

Existing users

As the following lists are quite lengthy, I’ll give those who are impatient to get the latest version the URL to go to: http://mikestoolbox.weebly.com.

Download the .ZIP file, unpack the files and overwrite your existing copy with the new version and away you go! I would double-check your configuration just to make sure nothing has changed, but it shouldn’t matter.

New users

If you are a new user, then follow the installation guide in the manual and remember to use the Configuration form first to set up the few items needed. Leave the Expert mode toggle off until you’re tired of all the message boxes appearing :)

New features

  • Table Inspector: Reset Table To Normal has been added. A quick fix to reset all the selected tables to be reset back to a standard looking table. Handy for fixing those tables which have an odd look and feel.
  • Table Inspector: You can now remove any empty rows or columns. The function to do columns is a bit slower as it has to do more background checks to ensure it doesn’t ruin a table’s layout.
  • Section Inspector has had a major overhaul. If I’m honest, I didn’t like how the first release of it worked in v1.87, so it’s been rewritten from scratch and lots of extra functionality added. I hope you’ll like the new version :)
  • Endnote/Footnote Inspector: A new function to handle endnotes and footnotes within a document.
  • The Image/Shape Browser has, thanks to some suggestions from a beta tester, had a bit on an overhaul. Lots more functions in there, including a preview of my ‘select one or multiple select many’ toggle. If this is liked by the users, I’ll adapt it for other listbox-based functions.

Enhancements to existing features

GUI tweaks:

  • When running the toolbox on my PC at home, connected to a 42″ TV, I noticed that several buttons and labels weren’t displaying correctly. All are now fixed.
  • Removed all of the ‘Close’ buttons from all forms. There’s the standard X in the corner of each form to use instead, plus it gained me some form space for extra functions on quite a few forms.
  • Buttons that replace or remove items from your document (singularly or in bulk) are now displayed in red, as a ‘warning’.
  • The Please Wait form now includes a total of the items being examined to show you how many the current function needs to work through.
  • Increased the width of the Fields Inspector form to allow more detail to be viewed.
  • In most listboxes, you cannot use the functions *until* you have selected at least one item.
  • You can now alter the size of the font used for the text that appears in the Fix Footer routine.
  • Fields Inspector form tidying has been done. Some of the field types weren’t being displayed and now are.

Other fixes:

  • Added a check to the Replace Style function to check that you aren’t trying to replace the same source and destination styles.
  • Redid the layout of the Table Inspector form to allow extra features to be added.
  • Rejigged the Inspector icons on the Toolbar so that the magnifying glass image on each icon are now facing the same way. No idea why I hadn’t fixed that sooner.
  • The main Toolbox feature appears a lot quicker now as it was being slowed down due to the inspection of the styles in a document. This is now performed only when you click on the Styles tab.
  • An crash occurred when Readability Statistics was used on a document with multiple languages. I’ve added an error trap and a message box will suggest that you fix the document to contain a single language before attempting to generate the statistics.
  • Removed the ‘Replace F & S’ bulk fix as it wasn’t as useful as I thought it might be – for me or for the person who suggested it. Them’s the breaks!
  • Quite a few bugs had cropped up in the Configuration form when I was attempting the Mac port a few versions ago. For some reason I’d left the default folder as the Mac instead of the Windows equivalent.
  • Other tweaks were also done to the Configuration form to ensure it doesn’t go pear-shaped when you delete a template you have added.

Source code

As per usual, the full VBA source code is also available.

Dev Tool Plug

Finally, a quick plug for a development tool that’s helped me out a lot during this version’s coding. The purchase of MZ-Tools has been very, very useful. Whilst a lot of functions are more orientated towards the .NET side of things – or my coding style – there is enough inside this tool to make developing in VBA a lot easier. It’s well worth the price that’s being asked.

New utility – RoboHelp Map ID Report to CSV add-in

I’ve released a stand-alone version of a function that was from an older version of the toolbox.

The code has been tidied up, CSV file writing added and some extra checks are now included. Load up the RoboHelp Map ID Report, click the Convert button and a .CSV file version will appear in the same folder as the source .RTF file you exported from RoboHelp.

It comes with an example RoboHelp Map IDs file so that you can try it out before using it.

I’m not sure what other options to add to this utility, or indeed if there’s anyone else out there in the world who would be able to use it! So get in touch via LinkedIn or email and let me know if you do use it and any improvements you think I can add to it.

As with all my code, it’s not protected and you can just right-click and open it in Word, then press ALT & F11 to view the full source code.