It’s still coming along (v1.89)

In all honesty, I thought I’d finished it a few weeks ago when I last posted onto the blog. But then I’ve been doing some digging around in the code finding all kinds of weird and wonderful bug-ettes. Daft things like deleting the default Windows folder for Word templates but leaving the Mac one behind. What a plonker!

Feedback had been received about the Image/Shape Browser from David Green, so that needed fixing too. And whilst I was fixing it, I was also improving it based on some of his suggestions, plus adding my own bits in.

I think I’m finally on the last stretch as there’s just an annoyance has crept into the Configuration form to fix. I keep getting ‘ghost’ items in the list when you delete one item, it removes it fair and square. But then leaves an empty row in the array, when all the code should be doing is removing it. *head scratch time*. I think it’s something I’ve done when I did a search and destroy on lots of Public variables which should be Private variables and that’s caused a few issues elsewhere. Time to dig out the last known working version of the code and compare it against the new one, line by line …

In other sort of related news. I spotted a bug in the excellent MZ Tools, so there will be an update due out soon for that which includes a fix for what I found. Nice to be able to help out someone whose utility has made the job of coding this add-in that little bit easier.

Gearing up for v1.89 to be released

The add-in is being prepared ready for the next full release. Which means webpage edits and screenshot changes galore as I’ve moved from Office 2013 as my main development tool to Office 2016. If you’ve tried any of the beta versions out, you will have noticed that the screenshots in the manual are now based on the newer version of Office.

From its early days of just being a collection of unlinked single functions carved into an ever bulging Normal.dotm file, through to what you have now: a full GUI-based system which lots (and lots) of functions.

It’s been two years of on/off development for the add-in. The first post on this blog was written back in August 2014, but the coding of the ‘GUI-based version’ had started in earnest a month or so before-hand.

I’ll sort out a proper “What’s New” post on the day of release so that those who haven’t downloaded any beta versions before will be fully aware. The list of bug fixes is large as well, but I’ll leave that detail in the manual as wouldn’t want to bore anyone with that.

After these two years, I’m happy to say that this add-in is still 100% free – and that includes the fully commented source code.

New beta (v1.88h) now available

This is just an interim beta release as I’ve fixed a few bits here and there, but I’m still not sure whether I like how the add-in is handling endnotes and footnotes. I’ve added the detection of Whole Document / Selection to the form so that if you only want to amend endnotes/footnotes in a particular area, highlight it first before launching the Endnote/Footnote Inspector tool.

Grab it from the Beta download page and, for those who use endnotes and/or footnotes in your documents, please do your best and test out the functionality with this beta.

In other news, this add-in has to be developed at home and not in work. In fact, it has been for a good 6 weeks or so, but the lack of any real progress shows just how much I prefer relaxing with my Xbox One when I’m at home. Far Cry 4 was recently completed and I’ve just started Mad Max, so I’ve no idea when the next full release of the add-in will appear :)