Still working on endnotes/footnotes (v1.88g)

I’m getting there (honest), but it’s a slow plod as each new idea I come up with to add to the code, either doesn’t work quite as I’d hoped it would, or isn’t much better than what’s Word already has built-in. Just my routines are easier to find :)

Here’s the endnotes inspection tool:


And, looking very similar (*), here’s the footnotes inspection tool:


(*) Copy and paste code/form design? Not me!

It is very confusing the way that Word treats endnotes that are stored at the ‘end of the document’ as an extra copy of itself.

E.g. I use the VBA command: ActiveDocuments.Endnotes.Count to work out how many I’ve got in the current document. It tells me that there are two of them. However, if I change the second copy of the only actual endnote, so that it is stored at the ‘end of the section’ and then refresh my form, the ‘spare’ one disappears!

Ergo, more work is needed before I can release the beta of v1.88g.

Which will appear on the new Beta Version page – which is now live.