v1.88f will be due out soon

I’ve been shaving off a few bytes here and a few bytes there. This has entailed all kinds of VBA jiggery-pokery: changing Public vars into Private/Local vars, creating more code here and there – just so that I can delete the multiple existences of it elsewhere and all other kinds of tweaks.

But then I realised that whenever I do release v1.89, there aren’t going to be that many new bits to blow the trumpet about! So I’ve given up on the byte-squashing and decided to concentrate on adding new features.

Since the last beta was issued, I have added:

a) The ability to change the font size (8 through to 12 point) of the text that appears in the Fix Footer Into Table routine. It will still use whatever font is associated with your Normal style though.

b) The same languages that are supported under the Fix Language function are now also recognised when they are used in a Word template. Not a major addition, I grant you, but there wasn’t much code that needed adding to get the same recognised range working.

c) The Odd/Even Header/Footer toggle is now out of the Section Inspector (which has had more layout tweaks since the last beta) and back into the Footer Information area of the Toolbox. At least it now applies to the whole document and not, as I originally thought, was toggled each section.

d) Within the Section Inspector you can now toggle the page orientation of the current section. This was done especially for a particular set of documents where I work. Makes life easier when fixing the orientation anomalies :)

e) Along with the ‘Reset Table Styles To x’ feature, there’s a ‘quick fix’ button which will reset any of the selected tables to plain old boring ‘Normal’ style. A handy fix for when you just want to undo whatever someone else’s done to a table :)

f) Also within the Table Inspector, you can now delete empty rows or delete empty columns from selected tables. Again this is one of those ‘can you add this feature’ request from an existing user. More than happy to oblige :)

There’s probably other tweaks which have been done and I’ve forgotten about. I’m hoping to get some basic functionality to cover endnotes and footnotes before I release v1.89, but as with all things with this Toolbox, it all depends on how much free time I have.

I will upload v1.88f to the usual DropBox locations early next week (all being well). If anyone wants them uploading to Google Drive, I will do that as well. Especially for those who work in a company where brand x of cloud storage is banned, but brand y isn’t :)

Lack of blog updates, but not coding changes

Shortly after the full version of v1.87 was released, a regular user pointed out a few anomalies in my Section Inspector tool.

After a few beta-versions were sent back and forth, and a complete overhaul of how the Section Inspector form layout looked, I now felt much happier with it. Some of the tweaks were also applied to other forms that use listboxes as well, which enables/disables functions based on what is or isn’t selected in the list box.

I released a v1.88c last week to the beta URL but I’m still tinkering with how it works, so expect a v1.88d in the next few weeks. I’ve also been trying to get more features in, but with some optimisations at the same time so that the file size of the add-in doesn’t increase too much.

The main reason for the lack of blog updates is plain and simple: Weebly.com, and a whole host of other useful sites, are now blocked from being accessed where I work.

Along with DropBox, Gmail and a few other useful sites. Turns out someone had allowed everyone access to these sites by accident, so whilst it was good for a while, the whole thing has now been very much screwed down and limited.

There’s other problems with Firefox that are also causing sites to be blocked, but I’m not that up on the whys and wherefores, other than it’s a PITA to find once useful sites are now blocked/classed as dodgy. Ho hum.