New full version available (v1.87)

I was hoping to get this version out nearer to my 46th birthday, but c’est la vie. Officially I will release this tomorrow via a LinkedIn post, but for those of you reading this on Twitter, you can grab a copy – a day early :)

This version has lots of new features and quite a few changes (some forms and tabs have been removed and/or merged) but all-in-all, there’s lots of good stuff.

One of the major changes (that hasn’t been in previous beta version) is the new Section Inspector. This is a merger of the old Section Breaks tab in the Toolbox, some of the fields from the Additional Information tab too and some extra functionality – all in one form. You now have much better control over the sections in your document than possible before. Or, at least, that’s what I think you will have :)


After moving all of the above information into the one form, there wasn’t much point in keeping the older tabs. Two tabs have been removed completely with the remaining bits being moved into the Footer Fix tab. Which then, due to the ‘new’ bits, has now been renamed to Footer/Information.


Other changes are that the old Back to Basics form has been removed. It had to go purely because the four things you could remove – zap headers and footers and remove Footnotes and Endnotes – were now either on the Section Inspector or the form above.

The actual size of the add-in hasn’t increased that much since the last official v1.85 either, so my code optimisation is getting better. There’s still room for improvement though :)

As per usual, the full source code package has also been updated to v1.87 too. If any VBA coders out there want to see how I’ve done a particular function, and can see a way to speed it up, then let me know via my Gmail, LinkedIn profile or on the Trello board. These are all listed in the About box.

Finally, it’s take to take a rest and stop tinkering with the code. I usually have a month or so to rest between a final release and the first beta version.

Replace Styles function added to v1.86k

The ability to easily replace style x with style y has been on my To Do list (on my Trello board) since June of 2015.

After some screen estate jiggery-pokery, I made some room for the function on the Styles tab within the main Toolbox. The Total label and field have been removed from Styles, Breaks, Comments and Bookmarks and instead now appear in the main frame’s title on each tab.

You now see two drop-down boxes which list *every* available style in your document. Select the old style, e.g. Heading 2, then select a different style in the other checkbox and click the Replace button. Depending on the size of the document and how often the old style is used, the style replacement is done as quick as possible.

The latest beta version can be found on the usual DropBox links.