Fields Inspector now ready in v1.86j of my Word Toolbox

I’ve finally had some spare time in work to get the final touches done to the Fields Inspector. The old ‘Fix Fields’ routine from the toolbar has been retired.


All of the 90+ possible types of field are examined and listed in the box. From here you can unlink, delete or unlock them, along with the original function that was in the previous versions of the toolbox to Reset Fields.

More options may follow, but I’m not sure what extra functions would really be needed (if I’m being honest) as I don’t really use many fields in my own documents.

Other alterations have also been made to this version. My attempt at making a ‘nice looking’ GUI for the Readability Stats has been removed. It caused problems in quite a few test documents, so I’ve removed it from the Footer tab and it’s now back to being a simple button on the first tab, Information. Due to the test documents (esp. one created by MadCap Flare), there’s some extra-strength error-checking included 🙂

As we’re moving away from RoboHelp to MadCap Flare in work, the RoboHelp function has also been removed. If I can come up with some functions to use this toolbox with MadCap Flare, I’ll put a blog post up to announce it.

Grab the latest beta (v1.86j) from this DropBox link:

Grab the updated manual from this DropBox link:

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