Improvements to the Fix Fields function

I’ve been putting it off .. and putting it off some more, but I’ve finally made a start on the replacement for the Fix Fields routine in the Toolbox. The new function (and new icon) will be the Fields Inspector.


It’s very much in the early stages but it will display all of the fields that are found in your document and the Reset Fields command which formed part of the original code is currently the only function working.

I plan to add the following options:

  1. a) Unlock fields
  2. b) Filter TOC entries On/Off (the bigger the TOC in your document, the more fields that are displayed in the list box!)
  3. c) Edit fields – although not sure about this as most of the time it’s easier for Word to be in control of this
  4. d) Other stuff 🙂

I’ll be looking for any suggestions for functions to operate on fields, but please specify which particular ones as there’s (currently) 95 of them that Word recognises. Even if some of them are only on Macs, someone, somewhere might want to tweak them 🙂

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