Minor bug-fixes – new beta available (v1.86d)

After last week’s debacle where I thought it would be easy to port across my toolbox to the Mac, it did have a good ending. I found quite a few interface bugs that, for some unknown reason, showed up on the Mac more than they did on the Windows version. It sounds odd, but it’s true.

Maybe the Windows VBA Editor is more forgiving, but the Mac version just kept on spitting out different ‘errors’ that I hadn’t spotted before. So I’ve been busy and updating the beta version to v1.86d.

I’ve also been adding some extra features to the Toolbox > Information tab. After a bit of jiggery-pokery and moving the fields around, I created some space to include some new fields and tweaked the code behind some others. Here’s the new version of the form:


Paper Height and Paper Width have been added, so you can see them updated as you scroll through each section. I’ve also moved the Odd/Even Header/Footer across from the ‘Additional Information’ form into the ‘Section breakdown’ area as it can change in each section. Why I didn’t twig that ages ago when I first added that field, I’ve no idea. But it’s in the right place now. I’ve changed both the Odd/Even Header/Footer and Different 1st Page fields to turn red if they are switched on in a section.

The final tweak (in this beta) is that you can now swap the value for the Different 1st page whilst scrolling through your document. This is a bit easier than seeing the value in my Toolbox, going back to Word, double-clicking on the header or footer, then changing the value and continuing šŸ™‚

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