Getting ready for the next full release (v1.85)

I’ve done all of the optimisations that I can think of; I’ve added new functions and I’ve tweaked some of the existing ones. In short, I’ve run out of ideas as to what else I can change in the code.

Therefore, I’ve stopped the development of the v1.84 beta. It had got up to v1.84s in the six months since v1.83 was released. Although there was a beta released at the TCUK 2015 conference in Glasgow, it’s now time for the full version to pop out and get some use.

I’ve sent the manual around to my technical authoring colleagues in work for them to review and pick holes in it as there’s bound to be something I’ve missed 🙂

All I’ve got to do now is start updating the pages on the website, adding descriptions to the new functions that will be present in v1.85 and get the source code package ready for distribution.

As I’m attending the (Atari ST) STNICCC 2015 party – – in Gouda, Holland (18th – 21st of December), my intention is to get everything ready for the 16th of December. I fly out on the 17th, as I’m doing a bit of tourism whilst there as it’s been a while since I last visited Holland and I’ve never been to Gouda – although a train went through it once with me on it 🙂

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