More code-tweaking = more enhancements to my add-in

Mostly yesterday, plus some minor tweaks today, mean that I’ve finally (finally!) worked out how to get my search and replace routines working within all items in a document, whether they’re in the main document, the headers or footers, or even text inside certain types of shape.

This, combined with the enhancements to the Fix Fields routine and enhancing the Which Fonts means that I’m about halfway there to getting all of my main functions to work with any items within a document.

The next big hurdles will be the Image/Shape Browser and the Table Inspector. Due to the number of functions that each of this GUIs include, that’s a lot of extra coding.

I can foresee even more grey hairs appearing on my head or in my beard as I ponder how to implement this next stage. However, these updates will probably not make it into the final release of v1.85.

My testers (internal and external) are busy doing their best to try and break the latest beta version (v1.84p). This is *without* the ‘fix text anywhere’ option as that’s inside v1.84q. The add-in has come a long way since the v1.84g that I gave away at the TCUK conference just a few months ago.

v1.85 is still on track for a release in December. All being well that is and providing no major bugs appear.

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