v1.85 should be available before mid-December

That is the planned release date. It all depends on how many features that I can add that don’t create more fixes for me to find 🙂

I fixed the Fix Fields code last Friday so that it now looks inside the headers, footers and every section within the document. I’d never really got my head around using Ranges inside Word (Excel is much easier in this respect), so when the penny dropped, it enabled me to fix this function.

This also means it will be a lot easier to implement a GUI-based version of Fix Fields. Whether that’s included as part of v1.85, or a future version all depends on the spare time I have in work to tinker with the code.

According to the long list of fixes and/or new features that I’ve listed in the manual, there are currently 30+ changes that have gone into the current development version (v1.84n) of the toolbox.

Some of them have been, like the tweaks to the Fix Fields function mentioned above, just a case of the penny dropping and it all coming together so that I understood what tweaks I needed to do. Others have been on my ‘To Do’ list for a long time now and have finally made it into the code.

It’s getting there 🙂

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