September 8, 2015

Work started on the Image/Shape Browser function

It’s been a bit busy in work recently, so I’ve not had a great deal of free time to tinker with the next planned feature of my Word add-in: the Image/Shape Browser.

This will behave like the Table Inspector, but will examine all of the images and shapes that are in your current document, display their properties (height/width plus whatever else I think would be useful) and then there will be (planned) tools to: delete, export, resize and whatever else my mind can conjure up as ‘useful’.

Early days yet, in that it can only display the number of images / shapes found and their dimensions. It’s a start though and more coding will follow when time allows.

At the end of September I will be attending the TCUK conference at a hotel in Dalmuir. If you’re a user of my add-in, and attending TCUK, then come and find me 🙂

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