New version (v1.83) of my Word toolbox now available

The latest version of my Word Add-In (v1.83) is now available.

New features are:

  • – Examine all of the bookmarks in your document and toggle their show/hide status, delete individual or all or highlight one/all bookmarks in a colour of your choice.
  • – Expert Mode – switches off a lot of the message boxes that pop up when certain functions are used.
  • – More ‘Search And Replace’ bulk fixes. All are based on documents that we’ve had to fix.
  • – Launch the PDF manual direct from within the toolbox.
  • – Word 2010 and Word 2007 compatibility
  • – Detection of Inline Shapes and Shapes on the Additional Information tab.
  • – Which Fonts now uses a single message box instead of multiple ones.
  • – Correct detection of multiple documents being open when launching Toolbox or Back To Basics.
  • – Select unused Custom Styles (ready for deletion) – requested by a TA on my Trello board.
  • – Counter shows how many character changes occurred after a Bulk Fixes option has been selected.


Tons of code improvements and a truck-load of bug fixes and form changes.

The full list is in the manual of all the changes made in v1.83.

Forthcoming changes:

The Document Properties Reporter will be split off into a separate app. This is to allow a Mac version of the Toolbox to be created. The Mac version of VBA doesn’t support Windows File System commands – oddly enough 🙂

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