More bulk fixes added

Along with the Bookmarks Inspector that will be going into the new release, I’ve been playing with the addition of drop-down menus on the Ribbon. This has enabled me to add four new features to the Bulk Fixes area of the menu, but only losing one bit of menu real estate.

I’ve added the reversal of the ‘two spaces after a full stop into one space’ for those who (like me) were taught to use double-spacing, two new functions which will swap the ‘&’ and ‘and’ around. This is a company standards thing as when we’re editing documents, we always have to fix these. I’ve also added the reversal of the ‘non-breaking spaces into spaces’ function so those who are using Word for copy-editing text destined for the web, can change all of their spaces into non-breaking spaces.

None of the above are earth-shattering functions, but to abuse a (UK) supermarket’s tagline: every little helps! 🙂

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