Spare laptop acquired ..

Thanks to the generosity of a friend from the old Atari ST days, a Toshiba laptop turned up at my workplace yesterday. And just in time too!

I’m doing a demo of the latest preview (v1.82k) of the toolkit tonight at MadLab. It’s the monthly meeting for the North West ISTC (Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators) in the centre of Manchester. Each month a different subject is covered and you’re talking to your peers within different industries, but all are technical authors in some way or another.

The laptop has got just enough grunt for a Windows 7 and Office 2010 installation, which allows me to develop and test in the two most recent copies of Microsoft Office: 2010 on this laptop and 2013 in work.

This will be a ‘good thing’ as my last release (v1.81) had a few problems with Word 2010 (see previous blog post), for which I’m still going to apologise as it was my lack of access to Word 2010 that enabled the bugged release to get out there.

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