Word 2010 woes .. again :(

Someone who downloaded my toolkit the other day tripped across a problem when running it – although in actual fact, it crashed and burned immediately.

This is down to me being unable to test it in Word 2010 and relying on others. Unfortunately, whilst I added code to v1.81 to detect and then not use a command when running the Comments Inspection routine if Word 2010 .. didn’t work at all.

This is down to VBA’s editor automatically parsing all of my code, then spitting its feathers out when it comes across the Comments.Done command. As far as Word 2010’s concerned, this is exactly how it should behave as it’s notifying you of something unrecognisable in your code.

So my thanks to David Green for pointing this out. As a quick fix, I’ve sent him some tweaks to the code to remove the functions that employ the Comments.Done command.  The toolkit is now working for him and he’s happily reported that the ‘Fix Footer Table’ command is also working too. That was also a problem that other Word 2010 users were reporting back to me, via one of the LinkedIn groups I frequent.

The time has come to start releasing two separate versions of the toolkit ..

My next stage is to look at the use of VBA’s Compiler Directives, so that I can include the above command in the Word 2013 release, but exclude it from the Word 2010 version.  But I’ve gained an additional Word 2010 tester too, so that’s the positive spin :)

New function added to handle Word Bookmarks

Above is the new Bookmarks function that I added yesterday.  As a rule, we rarely (if at all) use bookmarks in our Documentation Team, so that’s why this function is a little late in making an appearance within the add-in.

The function displays all all the current bookmarks. You can then:


a) Hide/Show individual bookmarks, or Hide/Show them all.
b) Remove individual bookmarks, or remove all of them.
c) Toggle a yellow highlight appearing behind the bookmark, or highlight them all.

I need to add a ‘Remove All Highlights’ button to the above WIP version of the GUI and maybe add a drop-down list to allow you to select the colour of the highlight, but there’s no guarantee on that latter function.

Finally, the buttons need lining up before one of my colleagues raises it as a ‘bug’ :)

v1.81 is now available!

It’s been a while getting this release available to download. I’d originally planned to make it available last week around the 7th May, but various laws belonging to Murphy prevented it. A last minute GUI change to the Section Break inspection tool didn’t help either.

But it’s now available and ready for you to download, install and help fix the annoyances that you find in your Word 2013 documents.

Getting ready to release v1.81

After reaching the giddy heights of v1.80m due to a few tweaks and minor bugs found (some by myself, some by my tame tester and work colleague, Holly), I’ve started work on getting it ready to be released for v1.81.

There’s not that many *new* features to go on about, but there’s a lot of bug fixes, speed increases and other stuff.

  1. The field scanning routine within ‘Fix Fields’ now completes in seconds when it could take up a few minutes in the previous versions of the add-in.
  2. A lot of code changes to older routines which seemed to escape my previous attempts at bringing them all into line.  This meant a lot of changes involving the ‘With’ and ‘End With’ to shrink and speed up the code.
  3. One of my VBA gurus (Ken Endacott) pointed out that my ‘Mark Comment As Done’ button was based around a command that only exists in Word 2013. So some extra tweaks were added to this function to check which version of Word you’re running.  There’s a new “Delete All Comments” button too.
  4. Some of the functions weren’t using the “check document’s protection level” code. I could have sworn they did .. but they all definitely do now.
  5. The Custom Styles inspection function has been tweaked. The GUI now displays the Base Style and In Use status of each custom style and there’s also a Total Number Of Styles counter.
  6. I’ve added a simple “Please Wait” sub-form which appears when I’m calculating stuff in the background.  This was prompted by Ken Endacott who pointed out that he had no idea if it was his document causing the slowdown or my code. Ken supplied some example code which I’ve adapted.
  7. A daft error in the Configuration GUI whereby I’d set it as a single-selection listbox, but my code thought it was a multi-selection listbox.  Oops!
  8. A few other mini bug fixes were done but I’m just too ashamed to admit to them here.  But they are covered in the manual :)

All being well, once my bug testing colleague is back in work, I’ll do some final tests and get v1.81 released at some point next week.