My site is now blocked in work .. but the editor isn’t?

I’ve just noticed that the company where I work has blocked access to this very website.  Yet I’m still able to add a page, tweet about it and spam Facebook with it.  Ah well, it just means that I’m glad my colleagues reviewed and sanity checked the text on it before v1.79 was released :)

I’ve made a start on v1.80, mostly adding a ‘Please Wait’ form that is updated with what the Toolbox GUI is examining in your document.  If you’re using the Toolbox on a small document, you probably won’t see it, as this is aimed at those using *large* documents.  The ones with hundreds of styles, comments and tables that, in previous versions, you would just have to sit and wait whilst the code looked through, counted and examined.  In silence …

A few other tweaks have been made, but I’ll save those for another post when I’ve got the time.