v1.79 is officially released tomorrow ..

… but those of you who follow this blog, or see the articles on Facebook / Twitter, it’s available now!

The new feature is the ‘Back To Basics’ one and the screenshot below shows the final layout that I went with:


As per usual the full source code for the add-in is available on the VBA Source Code page.

Getting v1.79 ready to release

At some point before the end of this week (February 27th), I aim to get v1.79 of the toolbox released.

As anyone who reads these blog notices will be aware, the main function is the new Back To Basics GUI.  This has undergone a lot of changes (mostly when I add/remove an option) but the current feature set is not changing any more.

A few other tweaks have been made to other functions, and they will be covered in the manual when I’ve finished updating it.  My colleagues in the Documentation Team are reviewing one version of the document so that I’ve not left any howlers in, e.g. referring to functions that I’ve since removed.

More Excel VBA coding

I’ve given the toolkit a bit of a back seat in the last couple of weeks.  The most I’ve done to it is open it up and borrow some generic code from it for the work I’ve been doing towards an Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is just a time-saver for another department which allows the bulk import, filtering, fixing and then export of various text files.  Some contain over 56000 lines of plain text which needed to be examined for errors and then saved back out.  What used to take hours of staring at Excel .. now takes less than a few minutes.

A pat on the back for me and more knowledge added to my VBA bow as it’s been a good few years since I last coded any VBA relating to filtering files in and out via Excel.