More tweaks going in v1.78

As part of the overhaul for v1.78, I’ve been converting some of the icons into text-based menu items on the Ribbon.

This will give me a bit more room to add extra features – i.e. for the space of two functions with their icons, I can now fit in 6 new text-based functions.

The current (but not final) menu Ribbon looks like this:


The main functions you’re used to seeing will remain under ‘Quick Fixes’ but the others will be moved to the two (current) text-based menus.

The Back To Basics GUI has also changed due to some investigation on how Word VBA handles ‘Shapes’.  Whether you’ve drawn a pretty shape or you’ve inserted an object, Word VBA sees them both as the same thing.

The current GUI now looks like:


I’ve added the detection of whether you’re planning to run Back To Basics options on the whole document (appears in a red background) or just a selection of your document (background is green).   I’ve split the ‘Remove All Formatting’ function so that it appears underneath.

But as with all things that I do with this toolbox, there’s no guarantee what you see in the image above, is what you’ll get in the final release 🙂

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