Last coding days of 2014

Yesterday and today have been quiet in work.  Very quiet.

So I’ve been making use of the time to get some code done towards a VBScript-based routine which will help check that the settings for the toolbox within your Windows registry are correct.  This is due to v1.76i (the current build) using the registry to store your settings instead of the old .INI file.

The main coding yesterday was to get a script working which would check that the main registry key for the toolbox was present and warn if it wasn’t there.

If not found, it would create some example settings. If found, it would let you review them.  You can also remove the settings completely as it’s the nearest I’m going to get to a proper ‘uninstall’ routine for the time being.

Today’s task is to add in a function to check for the existence of an .INI file from a v1.75 (or earlier) version of the toolbox and import it into the registry.  Should be easy enough to implement …..

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