Getting near to the finishing line …

To say that I’ve had to do a few improvements, code changes, bug fixes etc. to v1.74 would be a bit of an understatement. I’ve currently got revision j being looked at by my colleagues and tweaking code to fix bugs/form layout oddities that they spot into a new revision k. The good news is that that I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to release it as a v1.75 very soon.


A new function has appeared on the reworked first tab which will allow you to toggle the Enforce Styles status on the current open document – assuming it’s not protected in some way.  This was a new function that I didn’t know existed within Word. But, as with a lot of this add-in, I’ve picked up more knowledge in how Word works by tinkering in VBA, than I have in all my years as a technical author.

All being well, when I release v1.75, I’ll also be releasing the full source code so you can all have a nosey (and maybe a laugh or three) 🙂

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