A busy day fixing mini bugs here and there

I set up a Trello board the other day to save me having to update a TWiki page each time a new feature was added or a bug was squashed.

A work colleague (who uses the add-in probably the most) has been very busy testing the latest beta (v1.74f) and raising all kinds of “mini bugs”.  Cue email after email from the Trello board with all of the separate posts, plus a copy of my replies, where I’ve moved the card to once the bug was squashed etc. My apologies to all the other members of the same Trello board as they would have got the same Trello ‘spam’ 🙂

One of the “mini bugs” was purely because of typo in the source code that examined the result of a combo box .. very embarrassing for a technical author!

She’s now testing v1.74g out and hopefully the bug fixes will pass her stringent tests 🙂

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