Fix Columns now working …

That took some re-working of my code too. And all due to Word’s (or VBA’s) handling of tables that can have split or merged cells, or those with different widths and heights to each other.

The code isn’t perfect as there are ways of interpreting non-uniform tables but having spent most of the morning trying to work out the best way to allow the formatting of columns, I’ll put that on my ever-growing To Do list.

Here’s the updated form from the GUI with the new functions. I had time to add an additional entry into the table (it now shows the table style in use) and also add a new function to allow you to go through and change the style of any of your tables in your document.


This version is currently being tested by my colleagues so once it’s ready, I’ll sort out a new v1.75 release at some point this week (all being well).

Then it’s onto the next function …

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