First working version of Table Inspector handed out

It’s ugly and needs a lot of GUI tinkering. But it works.


The main window shows all the tables that exist in the main document (not the header or the footer). The status of the AutoFit is displayed, along with the Heading Repeat status of the first row. Then the rows and columns appear at the end of the list.

You can change the AutoFit status – but only for tables that Word classes as ‘Uniform’.
You can toggle the Heading Row Repeat option on/off for each table in the document.
And the main request from my work colleague was for a function to format the top x rows (*) of each table you select with a particular setting of font attribute and alignment.

(*) x is calculated as the highest row count of all the tables .. I need to add some checks in so that any attempt to format the top 15 rows in a table that only has 11 will give an appropriate error.

I’ve also been asked to replicate the same functionality but for columns. So the above GUI is just a temporary one 🙂

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