Some nice feedback received

After sending out a copy of the Add-In to two people I know via LinkedIn (that are very good with Word VBA), I got some nice feedback by return.

There’s no password / protection on my Add-In so that anyone who wants to look at how I’ve coded the Add-In (badly or otherwise), can dive in and have a good look around.

Some of the feedback received has already been implemented.  Especially a major speed-up in the ‘Which Fonts’ routine which is now blisteringly fast compared to the previous code.  Before the code tweak, the routine would examine every single character in a document and, if it was using a different font, would add it to the list.  The new version does the same thing but on a paragraph basis first and then, if there are mixed fonts found, it will examine the paragraph in question one character at a time.

I’m currently adding a lot more fields to the ‘Document Information’ screen after the above updates.  No idea when I’ll be able to release it though as I’m hoping more fee

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