Welcome to the homepage for my Word add-in (and other projects that I’ve coded and/or written articles for).

A bit of history
Since I started at my current employer back in 2007, I’ve been hacking away at various macros. Each of the macros were quickly knocked together, with some basic error checking (if you were lucky!) and uploaded onto the company TWiki. Each macro probably only fixed a small / particular annoyance within a set of documents and were most definitely created on an ad hoc basis.

In June/July of 2014, I merged all the separate macros, added in proper forms to some and/or placed them onto the Word 2013 ribbon and in the general hodge-podge way that I code, they became the first incarnation of Mike’s Document Toolbox for Word. Where I currently work, it’s referred to as “Mike’s Toolbox” and I’ve kept this shortened version in my documentation.

Since those early days, I’ve been plugging away and upgrading the code, adding new features that I thought other users would find useful.


Current version
The current version that you can download is: v2.0 – which was released on 30th November 2016.

As with any other software release out there, please read the included documentation before you attempt to use this add-in. Whilst it is easy to use, there are a few configuration settings to setup if you’re a new user to make the toolbox easier to use.

I’d like to point out that it’s been thoroughly tested by myself, work colleagues and other technical authors.  My colleagues in the Documentation Team use this add-in on a daily basis and without it, we’d probably still be picking our way through the same old errors that keep cropping up in the documents that we get to fix.

In short, this add-in will (hopefully) save you hours of frustration in trying to fix and/or change Word documents.